Current Upper Sugar River Conditions

Current Upper Sugar River Conditions – Updated June 7, 2021

We have been very low on rainfall this spring resulting in low river water conditions. As of now, kayaks seem to still make it through with just a few hang ups. Canoes on the other hand are beginning to require a little more effort. Both types of boats are finding those logs and stumps that are typically well under the surface, and might have to do a little “scooching” here and there. Canoes will have to be walked at a few specific spots over shallow gravel areas.  

Customers are still reporting they had a great, fun trip and it just added to the adventure.  There is still a lot of canoe and kayak traffic enjoying the river, there is still a lot of laid back paddling. All the twists and turns, beautiful scenery, and typical fun is all still there to be had. 

Not all paddlers have the same idea of what is fun, and what is too much. We are suggesting all groups get an earlier start and give yourself plenty of time. Most groups now are finishing the trip in roughly 3 -4 hours. Also consider the time to shuttle and get started. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! 


Sugar River Outfitters